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milling Einkorn - forget it?

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milling Einkorn - forget it?

After reading lots of positive comments about Einkorn bread, I bought some berries. Then I read comments that the Einkorn will gum up your mill stones. 

Should I use the berries whole for something else, and look for Einkorn flour? I don't want to take chances with my fancy new mill!

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I have milled einkorn berries with no issues. Start your mill at a coarser grind and turn it to a finer grind. That seems to help with the "gumming" up issues for me.

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I've had a hard enough time baking with 100% pure Einkorn flour (i.e. no blends with anything else) so I never progressed to the "grind your own" level of baking! LOL Good luck!

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duplicate post

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I hope not, anyway, since I just got 10 lbs of einkorn to use in my new Mockmill.  On their site they have a list of grains showing the milling settings and whether there is an oil problem.  Einkorn has nothing in the oil column. Things like fennel seed, aniseed, cardamon, caraway, etc. are not recommended.

As an aside, I have heard (but not yet tried) that to clean the stones without disassembling the mill you can simply grind a handful of rice. 


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I have milled einkorn berries with my Komo mill many times and have never had a problem. I just milled a couple pounds of einkorn last week for ginger spice loaves that we gave as gifts for the holidays.