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My 1st attempt for a tartine style

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My 1st attempt for a tartine style

yesterday was my first attempt for the tartine style bread - I like how the holes turned and open with apparent gluten. The preshaping / shaping was difficult and couldn’t build much tension: Elements to practice next time! But the taste is the best I had so far sweet crumb and crust. 


300gr bread flour

100gr spelt flour 

60g stiff sourdough starter (50% hydration) 

280g water 

8g salt 

autolyse for two hours ( only flour and water ) 

Mix and bulk ferment for 4 hours - stretch and fold every 30mn for four times then every 45 mn

bench rest 10mn 

Proof overnight - 9 hours

bake next morning at 500 degrees, first 25mn covered then 20mn uncovered 



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Well done, that looks a tasty slice of bread! Spelt flour has a different 'feel' to wheat which may have affected your shaping but it doesn't look bad to me.

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and I want to keep trying with spelt as it force me to practice!


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spelt too!  The 72% hydration had to help it hold its shape.  Well done and 

Happy Holiday Baking 

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And the spelt brought more extensibility to the dough and a sweeter taste 

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Congrats for an amazing crumb!

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I was excited to see that it somewhat worked! 

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That looks great!