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Loaf Height Measurement

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Loaf Height Measurement

My latest construction is very simple: a loaf height measurer. Ideal for those like me who obsess about loaf loft and height to diameter ratio - well OK, just me then! After all, you can't make good sandwiches with a brick!

It's just a length of 1.5mm stainless steel welding rod, ideally cut from the flat stamped end of the rod to give a bit of a handle. Cut it about 125 - 150mm long and file a dull point on the other end. Then you need a marker that can slide up and down the rod, but not too easily. I used a neoprene cable sleeve, but a piece of silicone tubing of the right diameter would also do the job.

In use, insert the rod down into the loaf till it touches the bottom, slide down the marker to the top of the loaf and then read the height off a ruler. The rod is so thin that you won't notice the mark on the crust.



My pass mark is a loaf height of 10cms/4" for a 900g loaf, although of course, the more wholegrain you include the less height you get.

I don't check every loaf (honest!), but it is a useful little tool to have.


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Really Lance!

O.K., how about this. Remember how they measured your height at the doctor's office - you know, that sliding flat plate that hits the top of your head?

Heck, they don't even need to stick the rod down your neck to get an accurate measurement. ;-)

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Yes, a saddo, I know!

I thought of the Doc's measure, but this was quicker and easier to make - and use.