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Paging Zojirushi Virtuoso owners about "shape" cycle

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Paging Zojirushi Virtuoso owners about "shape" cycle

I can't understand why the shape cycle doesn't come right after the first rise instead of after the knead.  If you have shaped the dough you wouldn't want the blades to mishape it with the stir downs between the rises.

What I would like to do is have it knead, do one rise, then shape it and do the final rise three, with rise 2 turned off and then bake.

As it is, the only solution I see is to take the dough out, shape it, put in a regular baking pan or pullman pan, let it rise outside of the Zoji and then putting the regular pan in place of the zoji pan and using a manual 70 minute bake cycle.

Am I misunderstanding the shape program?  What are people using it for?

BTW, this is the most wonderful website I've ever found on baking bread!  I've been haunting the forums for ages and have learned so much.