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Buckwheat flour bread

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Buckwheat flour bread

I bake normal bread for my husband but I have food intolerance's which make it difficult for me.  I can't have any grains or white potato so that cuts out a lot of the gluten free flours.  One I can tolerate is buckwheat flour.  I have found recipes for buckwheat bread but these are always using the BF as an addition to normal bread flour.  I have both the flour and the groats and wondered if anybody had a tested recipe I could try pls.  I would like to have some kind of bread for Christmas.  I also can't have dairy and seeds are a problem but can handle a little, not sure why buckwheat is ok as it's a seed but it is :/

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Hello Lemonie

I did a search in Japanese to see if I could find any buckwheat flour bread recipes (buckwheat is called soba in Japan, most popularly used in the manufacture of soba noodles). Most of the ones I found had buckwheat as an additive in wheat bread recipes. However there was one using buckwheat which is an adaptation of soda bread. It might be a hint for you to do some experimenting with a soda bread recipe of your choice.

If you open the link in a Chrome browser you will have access to a rough translation. Don't hesitate to ask me for a better translation if you need it though. Note she used a pound cake tin to bake it in.

 For some reason the translation for "sake kasu" was given in three different versions in the Chrome translation I checked. I think it is best translated as "sake lees". I doubt that there is a requirement for sake lees in the recipe. I looked at the other bread recipes loaded on Cookpad by the person who posted the 100% buckwheat soda bread and it seems she had swopped sake lees for yoghurt in an earlier soda bread recipe and liked the result, so has kept using it. 

There is also an optional addition of other grains/seeds - these are sold in small sachets in Japan for adding when cooking white rice or baking bread to round out the nutrition. Again not essential, but that will be what the colour 'spots' are in her bread.

Suggest you have a read Lechem's recent experiment using amazake (beverage made from sake lees, sugar etc) including the comments to see what role the sake lees may have.

There are quite a lot of rice based bread recipes used in Japan - is that something you might consider?

Season greetings from New Zealand


edited to add: maybe a soda bread recipe with potato in it would be worth adapting, potato would provide similar softening to the sake lees, which are basically 'spent' rice & by-products left after fermentation during sake production.

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Matt H

I don't think you can add more than 10% buckwheat and still have a decent loaf.

Buckwheat makes lovely crepes though.

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This is the simplest recipe I have found but I have never made it:

This one has buttermilk-I would sub out an appropriate liquid(almond,coconut,soymilk?,wine,beer,water?) and 1 tbsp. vinegar. Can you have quinoa? Some oil rather than applesauce would improve the texture:


THis one seems pretty simple, if you can have chia and psyllium seeds:

Good luck. I know what allergies can be like. Find a few favorite, basic recipes and adapt them from there.