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Three mill choices - which do you recommend?

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Three mill choices - which do you recommend?

These are in my price range - each week I bake several loaves each week or home consumption, along with a batch of crackers and pizza dough. I live in Montana where a number of my grain farmer friends are experimenting with heirloom/heritage and landrace grains and I want to mill my own flour out of their berries.

Here are the choices that fall in my price range:

WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder (Selling for $199)

Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill (Selling for $249)

NutriMill Classic 760200 High Speed Grain Mill (Selling for $219)

(Prices are as of today on Amazon)

Thanks so much!!

Gail N-K

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I had the Nutrimill and just sold it and bought the Mockmill 200.  I love the new Mockmill.  It's fast and not too loud.  That would be my choice.  I've not heard anything bad about it.

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country blonde

May I ask why you sold the Nutrimill.  I just finished using mine this morning to grind some Khorasan and the lid separated on the hopper. I have a huge amount of flour to clean up and am thinking about the the Mockmill. Thanks


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based on Ian’s recommendation. It is great! You can get it on sale now at Breadtopia! I use them for almost all of my grain/ flour needs. 

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I have the Mockmill 100 also, I am very happy with it. Sorry, I can't compare to the others. 

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I haven't seen the Mockmill models in person, but have seen the ads.  In general, a stone mill, like the Mockmill, will give you much more control over how fine the flour is, and that is a good thing for a mill. I had the predecessor to the Wondermill, and while it was fairly quick, it was extremely loud.    I would go with a Mockmill if I was looking for a new mill. 

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Looks like I have my shopping list whittled down to the Mockmill - now I have to count my pennies and see if I can manage the 100 or the 200.

Much appreciate your input!! I'm really looking forward to milling at home since I have so many friends growing grain here in Montana and willing to experiment with some unusual grains. What fun!!