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Since I've Been Gone

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Since I've Been Gone

So I've been gone for a while. I haven't posted here in 2 years or so, but I have been baking periodically. Here are a few recent projects, some of which I'll elaborate on if there's any interest. I've been doing what I can living in a dorm, but I'm a bit limited in my baking capabilities. 

Here's an attempt at making stencils for bread with a laser cutter from my University's library. This one is the name of my friend's residence hall. The bread itself is a miso-infused ciabatta

A pumpkin loaf from last month

A very nice loaf with 15% rye flour and some caraway seeds

Red bean buns

Mini croissants with laminated tangzhong dough


I hope to post here more often in the near future!


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Nice to see your post.  I'm sure your friends enjoyed your Baking.  Very cool with the stencil.

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Your breads are fabulous! You must be amazing in a regular kitchen!

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If I could just bake like that at college!