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What can I do with this?

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What can I do with this?

Santa brought me a costway HW56217 stand mixer as an early present. It is AC 120 with a 800w motor. It has a Max capacity of 5 liters and KB: 4 Minutes whatever that means. The manual also says it can mix or knead dough at a maximum quantity of 1.5 kilograms. This comes out to be 3.307 pounds. What kind of things can I do with the mixer and what can I put in it? I don't want to overload it or kill it.

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Old Baker

I have a KA Artisan mixer rated at only 350 watts but it  handles approximately the same volume and weight as the Costway.  Mine hasn't complained when loaded up, so it seems you can run about anything through yours with little problem.

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Looks like a nice mixer and I hope you have great success with it.

As to capacity, 1.5 Kg is on the light side but that doesn't mean you cannot make great bread with it. My standard loaves are around 800 - 900 grams which translates to about a 1.5 pound loaf of bread after baking. A 3 pound loaf is going to be a bit unwieldy and honestly, I wouldn't push this mixer to its capacity. Folks around here who have similar KitchenAid models comment on stripped plastic gears when their mixers are overworked.

If you need more bread just do separate batches, maybe a loaf at a time. The lower the hydration (55 - 70%) the harder it is on the mixer. Wet breads (75% and up) mix easier but can be a handful to manage once they come out of the mixer.

If you do not have a lot of bread making experience I'd suggest that you start with a simple yeast bread and see how things go. You can always up your game as your experience grows.

Best of luck to you.



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I had a somewhat similar mixer a few years ago. It was rated at 1000watts but with the same dough hook as yours. I either went over the maximum or the dough was too dry and what happened was the hook bent out of shape. I continued to keep it for its other functions until one day it worked only at maximum speed for a period until finally it conked off.

Treat it as a light-duty and it works a treat.