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Whipping marscapone questions

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Whipping marscapone questions

An ingredient question. I am making an eggless tiramisu with the main ingredients of whipped heavy cream and whipped marscapone.

I have never whipped marscapone before but I will be mixing whipped heavy cream and marscapone today. I have beaters,bowl and ingredients in the refrigerator.

Do I whip them separately and fold them together?

Do I start the heavy cream and put small pieces of marscapone in it to incorporate and then whip to peaks?

I have found MANY different ways of doing it on google and do not want to curdle. Ingredients were pretty expensive.

Some quick guidance appreciated.

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Queen of Tarts

I would whip heavy cream until it just begins to form stiff peaks.  Separately, I would whisk mascarpone and powdered sugar until smooth (don't whip or you'll get butter).  Then incorporate a small amount of the whipped cream into the mascarpone mix with a whisk (you are tempering it, so you don't have to be delicate). Finally, incorporate the rest of the whipped cream by folding it in delicately with a large spatula.

I've never done this, but it seems like a good way to go. I understand about not wanting to ruin your mascarpone.  This stuff is expensive!

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I have not worked with marscapone before and was a little spooked by research on google-"curdling" "turned to butter",etc.

So here is what I did for anyone that needs to know...

I used 2 bowls-a large one for the arscapone and a separate one for the heavy cream.

The marscapone was at cool room temp. I just stirred it in bowl (too thick to whisk)to loosen it up a bit and added some powdered sugar and Kahlua.

Then I whipped the cold heavy cream in a chilled bowl with a chilled whip (KA mixer). I added vanilla, powdered sugar and some rum when it was just starting to thicken and then beat it on high to soft peaks.

I added a small amount of the whipped cream to the marscapone and gently folded it in. Another small amount folded in and when it seemed loose enough, the rest went in and got gently but thoroughly folded in.

It seemed to work ok this way. The tiramisu went together well. It was my first time making and it really is a recipe that you have to mis en place! It is in the freezer and will be used as a holiday treat. The cocoa goes on right before serving.

Thanks for your help!