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Starter Trouble ---I killed my SF sourdough

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Starter Trouble ---I killed my SF sourdough

I have been making sourdough way in the past and frequently in past 7 months. I put it to rest in refrig 4 weeks ago and when trying to revive I must have killed it. I tried to hasten warming by putting jar of sourdough in hottish tap water. It never woke up.

I have a spare  starter from my son.

Can I bake an ordinary loaf of bread with yeast and killed sourdough. This is a tragedy, the killed sourdough starter is expanded so we are lookimg at 3+ cups and 36 hrs in room temp covered. 


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Lechem (not verified)

Or in your haste and panic you've overfed a sluggish starter and now with all the discarding and feeding fresh flour you've whittled down yeasts to next to nothing?

You can make bread with the discard as you have suggested.

What I would do is save some of the starter, leave it in a warm place and forget about it. Check up on it once a day and see what happens in the next few days.

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Thank yu for you suggestion

I refrigerated the  storage jar and now am trying your suggestions

I will post results

Son's starter was parent offspring of mine but sadly neglected compared to mine. I Wii be reading up on lifespan of starters. Did yu know that ancient popcorn was discovered in Mexican cave and it was still able to pop !