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new grain mill results

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new grain mill results

Just tried running a few cups of hard white wheat through my new Komo grain mill. About 80 percent looks like flour, but 20 percent is more like steel cut oats. I ran the ground wheat through again, but the ratio didn't change. 

So, is this normal? For whole grain sourdough, do I need to sift the flour or should I just use it as-is? If I keep the big pieces in, will they soften as the bread bakes?


UPDATE: Guess I made a rookie mistake - trying to adjust the grind while it was off. With the motor running, I was able to turn the bowl to a much finer setting.

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Powerdog, glad you got  it sorted out.  Most times I don't sift at all,  when I sift at the finest setting, I don't get much bran, when I go 2 steps from clicking, meaning a slightly coarser blend, I get a tablespoon or two of bran per 2 cups -  note that is just eyeballing it,  I have never measured.  .