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Bakers freshly milling their own flour.

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Bakers freshly milling their own flour.

Great article here  on bakers in Maine buying seeds from a local farm, and milling it the day they bake. They go through how hard it was to find local farmers, and acquiring the equipment to mill without using roller mills.

  One quote really surprised me  

“You can grow all the grain you need to make your own bread for a year in an area the size of a two-car garage,” a seed evangelist named Richard Roberts told us in the seminar on heritage grains.   

Not sure if I can believe that , or that it would really be feasible. 


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Maybe a metric garage is bigger than the standard 'feet and inches' garage. Maybe he was thinking of a double stretch limo garage. Maybe a double railroad box car garage. Maybe he figured two crops, you know - spring and winter wheat. Maybe hyperbole for the sake of emphasis. Anyway, it was an interesting article. I guess as long as the farm remains a going concern the mill will do well and the bakery will prosper. I'm just working with a home mill and the difference in flavor between bread I bake from ground-at-home and bread baked from a bag-off-the-shelf is well worth the effort.