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My first post

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My first post

Hello, my name is Howard from NY and I’m learning how to bake. This started a couple of years ago when I learned to make pizza dough. I was talking to a local bakery manager about my dough and he was appalled to hear I was using dry yeast. He gave me a little container of live culture and then it started, lol. My dough got better and then I realized that my dough wasn’t so differe from bread dough. I’m going to pause and see if my post works/sticks then I’ll continue.


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Is it possible to add more than one picture at a time?

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Lechem (not verified)

Love the crust and colour.

1. Click on the tree logo next to the speech marks at the top of the comment box. This should open another tab. 

2. In that tab click on the box to the right of the image URL box. This should open yet another tab. 

3. In the new tab click the upload button in the top left hand corner, find your file and click upload. 

4. When it has finished uploading it'll appear in the large box to the right. Highlight the file and click the insert file button at the top. It'll now appear in the previous tab you first opened. 

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That is a very good looking loaf. Nice oven spring

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I blame by camera that wouldn't focus.  People were complaining that I was making them go blind!  That is one fine loaf that has to taste great!  Well done and

Happy baking