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Recipe wanted: raisin bread without dairy

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Recipe wanted: raisin bread without dairy

Does anyone have a recipe for cinnamon raisin bread that does not include milk or butter? I'm having a hard time finding one, maybe there's a reason for that in that it doesn't work well, but I thought I'd ask...

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i make a raisin focaccia - its traditionally eaten in Liguria over coffee...raisins, orange zest and butter or milk just olive oil...its delicious - you can just add in cinnamon if you like or make a cinnamon sugar and sprinkle on top?

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Lazy Loafer

You can substitute any oil for the butter. I sometimes use coconut oil in enriched breads and buns. And just increase the water to sub for the milk (or use almond, coconut or rice milk).

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You can also use shortening, sometimes you just need a spoonful of extra liquid. And yeah, coconut milk or water, apple cider or orange juice and what not are great substitutes. If you can have dairy but not the lactose, there are brands like "Lactaid" that don't have lactose that work well. I use those when baking for my son since he's very lactose intolerant. Just watch out for extra things added like gums and such, they may or may not affect the results.

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... "the handmade loaf" has a raisin and cinnamon loaf recipe.  Have not tried it, but no dairy - only white, wholemeal and rye flours, salt, cinnamon, water, olive oil, yeast, honey and raisins plus semolina for dusting.  This might be what you are looking for.

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Stuart Borken

what are you looking for?

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Mini Oven

So basically you can take just about any dough recipe you like and add raisins to it as the dough is shaped.  Cinnamon is best sprinkled on at the same time and rolled up as compared to adding it to the dough where it can interfere with the yeast.  

So any bread you like that is not made with dairy can be used for raisin bread.  If it is softness you're after try a potato or smashed dried bean bread.  I've had success with both.  

Raisins come dried, some more than others.  I always wash them in cold water first and pick out any stems.  If the raisins are moist there is no need to soak first but those resembling little rocks should get not only a washing but a soak to allow them to soften a little bit and swell up.  Drain and save the soaking water for part of the dough liquids if desired.  

Have fun!

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Matt H

I make challah and add cinnamon and raisins and it makes the best French toast ever.

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a) Challah recipes adapt so well to making raisin cinnamon breads.

b) Here is a recipe that comes from 'Amy's Bread' but the bolgger has adapted to her 100% starter. The original used a biga.  I like this bolg for the 10s and 10s of bread she bakes and posts from well known books. Breads I want to make and can check it out over there. Some are exactly as the recipe dictates some are with a little twist of her own.  Its inspirational everytime I browse the blog, the sheer variety, the beauty of the breads, her laid back personality and her experience. Most famous bread bolggers make 'a' type of bread, which is great too, this is different. I have no connection to her, just sharing.  Maybe you want to check it out:

b)here is one that I made with a mix of different types of raisins, pecans and a smidgen of cinnamon:

c) Also adapted to raisin cinnamon, oil for butter:

You have so much to choose from, have fun!