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50/50 Whole wheat with pumpkin seeds, do-over

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50/50 Whole wheat with pumpkin seeds, do-over

Same technique as last time, but this time with salt!

250g whole wheat
250g white (King Arthur AP)
375g H2O (actually, 384g)

Autolyse for about 40 minutes, then add in:

124g levain
12g salt

Stretch and fold 4 times, adding in 117g of raw pumpkin seeds (from Trader Joe's) on the 3rd stretch/fold.

After about 3 total hours at room temperature, leave it in the fridge over night (this time that meant about 21 hours in the fridge).

Let the dough warm up on the counter, then after a couple hours shape the loaf and leave to proof on greased parchment paper in a bowl. 

After another hour and a half, score the loaf and put into a preheated 500F dutch oven with the lid for 25 minutes, then without the lid for another 13.5 minutes.

And after cooling over night, here's the crumb shot:


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Lovely looking bread. Love seeds in bread.  I've always toasted my seeds before adding to the dough.

do you know if there is any benefit to adding seeds when you stretch and fold or when you add the levan, often wondered.