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New machine. 1st attempt perfect. 2nd go, a disaster!

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New machine. 1st attempt perfect. 2nd go, a disaster!

Just acquired a new 'Tower' machine on Amazon. My 1st attempt was a 'just add water' packet mix for a plain white loaf, which came out perfectly.

My 2nd attempt was the gluten free recipe, from the manual. I followed the instructions carefully, making one substitution but could tell that there was something amiss when at the end of the kneading cycle. The mix looked more like a lasagna than a loaf! Anyway. I let it finish. It came out very flat. The top was like crazy paving and the inside was rater puddingy! About half of the flour was from some we already had. And the rest was recently purchased. Also, we substituted rape seed oil for the vegetable oil in the recipe.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I've been working on GF breads for a while now - tried all sorts - Gotta just find a flour mix that you like and then probably hand mix and bake it - then adapt to the machine

In the UK I use Shipton-Mills GF bread mix (maize, potato, tabioca starchs and Teff and sorghum flour + Gums) then the recipe calls for quite a lean mix - Makes a batter which rises quickly and bakes well.

I hope this helps