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Big hole 20% sprouted spelt sourdough bread

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Big hole 20% sprouted spelt sourdough bread


800g bread flour, 200g organic sprouted spelt flour
674g cool water mix with 1 Tbsp apple cider vin 
300 g 100% hydration active San Francisco sourdough starter 
1 Tbsp diastatic malt powder 
15g salt
100g pate fermentee 


1) Feed starter: mix 100g levain with 100g water and 100g bread flour for 4.5 hours. 

2) At the same mix flour, dry malt, and water in a food safe container, autolyse for 4.5 hours.

3) Add starter,  salt, and pate fermentee to the flour + water mixture. Pinch and squeeze until well combined.

4) Stretch-and-fold every 30 minutes for 2 hours. 

5) Allow the dough to rest at room temperature for 1 hour until it increased about 20% in size, then transfer to refrigerator for 14hour

6) Remove the container from the refrigerator. Gentally degas the dough and cut it into two equal parts.  Evenly divide one part to two pieces again.

8) Preshape: Gently fold each piece into a boule and allow to rest for 15min, add dry food (cranberry or grape) while foldin.

9) Shape: shape again into boule and proof in a banneton seam-side up for 2 hours. 

10) Transfer refregarator for 1 hour. Warm up the oven to 480 degrees F at the same time.

11) Score and bake the loaves at 480degrees F for 20 minutes with steam on a baking steel, then 10-15 minutes without steam at 420 degree F.


1. Preferment: 混合高筋面粉,spelt面粉和dry malt, 加入水和苹果醋混合物,室温放置4.5小时(1:15pm-5:46pm)。
2. 同时培养starter:100克 (add 100/100水/面)4.5 小时。

Bulk rising: 17小时(3小时 室温,14小时冰箱retard)
3. 混合preferment面团和starter,盐。
4. 2小时内 SF 4次,间隔半小时 (7:30pm),休息一个小时后(8:30pm)入冰箱14小时到第二天10:30am.
5. Preshape: 转移工作团上,分成两个面团。其中一个面团再一分为二,折成圆形,放置15分钟 (11:00am)。
6. Shape/final proofing:室温2个小时 (1:10pm), 入冰箱一个小时。烤前有一个在室温放了半个小时,不影响烤的效果。
7. 烤:直接放在baking steel上烤,前20分钟450F盖盖。没有steam。后10分钟420F。