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First Porridge Bread - thanks Isand66

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First Porridge Bread - thanks Isand66

Not sure why I can only seem to load photos upside down - tried flipping 180 degrees but not different. Sorry!

Felt inspired to try a porridge bread last week after Isand66's post, with a few little tweaks to his cranberry, cherry and pecan sourdough porridge bread, to account for UK flour and what was in my cupboard. I scaled down to 60% to get a suitable amount of dough for my 2 smaller bannetons, so I could bake in my re-purposed Pampered Chef chicken baker that works as my bread dome, and ignored the fact that my started is 50% - as I reckoned that would help ameliorate the fact that UK flour absorbs less water. I did also reduce the water in the final dough a little, and substituted wheat bran for oat bran, spelt flakes for barley flakes and walnuts for pecans. I dusted the banters with a few more spelt flakes to ensure the dough released easily - but don't think that was really necessary. I quite like an oat topping however, so no problem there.

I usually do a cold final proof rather than a cold bulk ferment, so this was a bit different for me. Worked fine, but the other way round usually fits in better with my timings, as I usually bake first thing in the morning straight from the fridge, and will  probably try that next time, as well as being slightly braver with the hydration.

All in all very pleased with the result, and enjoyed doing something a bit different from my usual bakes.

Thanks Ian, for expanding my repertoire!



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Good for you to try the cold bulk ferment! I do the same as you and bake from the fridge. I find it saves me the guessing game of trying to time the turning on of the stove to match with the final proof of the dough. Your loaf looks delicious! Love the crumb!

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I made this recipe last week too, it is a truly delicious bread. Enjoy!

well done


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Ian's porridge loaves --- and it sure looks like you did full justice to his formula!  That is the crumb I strive for, and I know that it has to be absolutely delicious.

Great job - and keep baking happy!

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So glad I could inspire you to try this and looks like you hit the nail on the head.  You should have no problem changing up baking the pre-shaped loaves straight from the fridge.  I'm happy you enjoyed it.