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My (second) attempt at donuts

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My (second) attempt at donuts

My first attempt was far too bready and had too thick a shell but this second lot where very "family friendly" AKA gone in 60 seconds.

Credit for the recipe comes from the Instructables site.


3 (1/4 ounce / 7g) packages yeast (3/4 oz / 21g total)
1/2 cup (120ml) water (105-115F / 40-46C)

2 1/4 cup (530ml) milk, scalded and cooled
3/4 cup (169g) sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
3 eggs
1/2 cup (113g) shortening
7 1/2 cups (940g) all-purpose flour
oil for frying


3 cups (375g) powdered sugar
2 1/4 teaspoons vanilla
6 -9 tablespoons (90-135ml) water

I added a touch of colour to the glaze which is why if you look closely it has a pink haze.

After mixing the dough all there was was to set it aside at room temperature for about 1 1/2 hours. I then rolled it out and then with a cookie cutter I cut out 12 donuts. I then cut the centres out using a deoderant can lid as I didn't have a small enough cutter.

I then let them rest on baking parchment for 40 minutes before deep frying them for about 50 seconds on each side. Really nice donuts but as with all donuts they soon lose their freshness so eat them up quickly!


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Rube Goldberg

Beautiful! You're making me hungry.

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If you hadn’t said that you made them, I would have thought they were made in a bake shop! You did a great job!

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Looks like what my grandmother made about 4 times per year.  She lived with us from the time  I was about 5 until after college.  (She made it to almost 101).  I don't think she still bake after I was in college but I wasn't there to know. Two differences - I don't think she scalded the milk, and she never glazed them.  Just used regular sugar in a brown paper lunch bag to shake a sugar coating on a few at a time while still hot from the deep fat.  To this day I like a sugar coating better than a glaze.  She also did the last few donuts "holes" but up until near the end the donuts holes went back into the dough to be rolled out and cut with the donut cutter.  Sometimes I got to shake the sugar on the donuts after cooking.

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The doughnuts I ate as a kid - only sugar an cinnamin coating and fat oh yes the crispy exterior jist enough sweetnes and still warm - to this day havent had doughnuts that good - may need to try making them thanks to this thread

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Will have to try these, nice job!

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making these next Saturday