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Dumb question about equipment

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Dumb question about equipment

I know this may sounds like a stupid question, but what would be the minimum pieces of equipment needed to open a bagel-artisan bread-cookie shop? I know I need a mixer, an oven, and storage, but what sizes and what else? I am a home baker who wants to open a shop. Thank you.

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2 hands and a heating source!  

To make life easier you can size up to a commercial mixer (20 quart, 30 quart, 60 quart) but power might become an issue. Bigger mixers are typically require 3-phase power and that isn't always easily available.

A suitable oven that is sized to match your capacity. Again, think 3-phase. Gas is an option too. Your oven will be your limiting factor - how much and how fast. Steam injection is very handy but some folks just add water to things like a pan of hot lava rocks. For any serious output steam injection is a must. You can't simply pile stuff into the oven so plan on space (inches) around your product, and plan on a loss of heat when new product is introduced. A massive stone will help mitigate the heat loss - either that or the ability to turn cooler air into hot air very quickly.

Scales, tubs, Cambro containers,temperature management (proofer/retarder), boards, couches, bratforms, various types of bench knives and scrapers. Probably a wooden work bench for hand work, stainless tables for setting things down and additional work surfaces, racks, racks and more racks. Various size pans if you do pan loaves. To meet your local health department standards you will probably need a separate hand sink, a 3-bay wash/sanitize sink, air gaps between your water disposal plumbing and your sinks, and if you use fats you will likely need a grease trap. Floors, walls and ceiling need to be non-porous and washable.

The big outfits invest in dividers, sheeters and slicers. Milling capabilities may draw customers and set you apart from the competition.

Think about your output then size accordingly. The size of your bakery may dictate the type of health department license required and each license may have different requirements.

That's a start.




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Lazy Loafer

Fridge / cooler / retarder. Someplace to park dough and/or shaped loaves to develop flavour before baking them. And if you are budgeting, don't forget all the signage, packaging, display and sales-related stuff. Oh, and storage.