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baker GSS


Hi Guys..Just a quickie to show you the little proving cabinet I have made, that fits neatly over my cooker and has three removable shelves. All I do is turn stove top on a low light and fill the pan with water to create heat and steam. I also have an adjustable sliding vent in the top to let some of the steam out,which goes out through my hob extractor fan.  When there is something in it, I cover the front with a piece of bubblewrap  Works a treat and mostly made from scrap wood..

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but putting combustible material (the wall panels or the bubble wrap) that close to the flame is a fire risk that I wouldn't take.  Better to use a heating pad or a light bulb for the heat, especially if you can combine them with an inexpensive thermostat for temperature control. 

Nice workmanship on putting it all together.


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Lazy Loafer

I really like the design. Like Paul, I'd be very leery of putting this anywhere near my hob / stove top, as I'd be likely to leave it on by mistake and burn the house down, not to mention ruining the bread dough. Also, it would be nice to be able to use the cooker even when bread is proofing (same problem with proofing dough in the oven - you can't use the oven then!).

I like the idea of using a light bulb and thermostat, though. A couple of similar things come to mind from my urban farmer friends. One, friends with backyard chickens have a similar thing set up with a light bulb and thermostat to keep the hens' water container from freezing in the winter. And two, many people here (Vancouver Island) grow Meyer lemons in their gardens. They grow well here but in the winter the fruit can freeze, so people cover the tree with plastic and drape it with the old-style Christmas light strings. These provide just enough heat in the enclosure for the tree to be happy.