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I made another of the "favorite recipes" from this site.


finished pastries 

for the pain aux raisins, I added lots of raisins (my husband loves them).

unrolled pain aux raisins 

sliced raisin rolls

smooshed raisin rolls 

baked pain aux raisins 

unfilled snails 

I used a pastry bag with a star tip to pipe in the cream cheese filling.

filled snails 

baked snails 


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Pretty, pretty.

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Yum...those look so good.  I love cream cheese.


...Darn it!  I knew I should have put together the cinnamon rolls or english muffins last night.  Now I have to eat cereal.  Rather unapetizing compared to your beautiful snails!  Alas, another night of baking was lost forever. 

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They look so good!  One of these days I'll get to make some.