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Dry buttermilk in baking bread and recommendations?

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Dry buttermilk in baking bread and recommendations?

I have been using cultures buttermilk (made at home from dry bacterial cultures) since forever. Now being a little overwhelmed and tired for some reason I am wondering if I can use dry buttermilk powder?  

I have never used it before, so how does it translate in taste, flavor and texture in leavened breads?  Pretty close, not so close?

And would someone recommend a product they like?  I have seen these:

Hoosier Hill Farm

Bob's Red Mill


Thank you so much!




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I have used the Saco product but only in tea breads and pancakes. When it is mixed up with water, the taste would be like comparing fresh milk and dry milk powder reconstituted milk. Not nearly as good as  fresh milk. But in baking tea breads, like banana bread and muffins, it was fine. I have never used it in a yeast-based bread but it would probably work there, also.

I often "make" my own sour milk for recipes calling for either soured milk or buttermilk. Just add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice or white vinegar to 1 cup milk and let site for 5-10 minutes. Instant curdly, sour milk. Works well in any recipe.