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another Gingerbread question

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buns of steel

another Gingerbread question

I have a Nordicware "Christmas Tree" pan that I like using for the holidays, It's a ring of eight vertical Christmas trees.  It is tricky however, finding recipes that will be firm enough or hold together well enough to mold and unmold/release well with no issues.

If you want an example of that pan, I used it for a pandoro in this thread, there's a pic that will give you an idea of the pan.

I am wanting to find a Gingerbread recipe that would work in it.  

The Gingerbread I usually make is a very liquid dough (It's from American Regional Cuisine by Wiley).  It's nice and moist, but wouldn't work in that baking pan.

Can anyone point me to a good Gingerbread recipe for that purpose? 

I was thinking I would try Floydm's recipe in this link, if you've made it, do you think it would work in a pan like that, to hold together and release from the pan.