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Tip of the day

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Tip of the day

So I found myself out of bread midweek after devouring last week's Broa de Milho bake and decided to do a midweek yeasted bread to tide me over. Started off with a simple whole spelt recipe then added a poolish, tangzhong and honey. Here was the progression...


Simple recipe:

500g whole spelt

300g water

8g salt

5g dried yeast


Re-done for a poolish (30% flour prefermented), tangzhong (5% of the flour) and honey...



150g whole spelt

150g water 

0.5g dried yeast



25g whole spelt

125g water


Final recipe:

All of Poolish

All of Tangzhong

325g whole spelt

25g water (plus extra! which you add when making the final dough till it feels right. should feel tacky. it needed quite a bit more)

25g honey

8g salt


  • 1. Make the poolish 12 hours before
  • 2. Make the tangzhong 20 minutes before giving it time to cool before the final dough. 
  • 3. Form the final dough with all the ingredients. I did not add any extra yeast but it did take a while to bulk ferment. Feel free to add a little extra yeast to the final dough. 
  • 4. Give the dough some gentle stretch and folds every 20 - 30 minutes till it feels right and the bulk ferment is done. 
  • 5. Shape and final proof till ready. 
  • 6. Bake. 


Now this is very important! When it comes to eating... toast the bread and dip it into pumpkin seed oil. You can thank me later :)


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The Roadside Pi...

I picked up a small bag of sprouted spelt yesterday. I was searching for ideas! Thanks for sharing. 

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Lechem (not verified)

Be prepared to add quite a bit more water. I did but in retrospect I would've added even more. 

Looking forward to results.  

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Lazy Loafer

Hmmmm, I mill my own spelt and also have some purchased sprouted whole spelt. I wonder what difference it will make to use some or all sprouted spelt? From Reinhart's "Bread Revolution" I get the sense that sprouted wheat / spelt is much more thirsty, so maybe upping the hydration even more would help. And I love poolish breads - tasty, reliable and easy!

Thanks for sharing. Do we get pictures? :)

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Lechem (not verified)

Freshly milled sprouted spelt would be even more hungry. This recipe is very forgiving. I've purposely haven't given too exact instructions, it allows for varying degrees of hydration, the choice of adding extra yeast to the final dough is yours and the amount of honey I added can be altered. Make it your own. The very last instruction should be followed though...

A honeyed whole spelt loaf with a poolish and tangzhong which has been toasted then dipped into pumpkin seed oil is a taste explosion. Enjoy! 

Just an experiment of mine and sorry but no pics as I had the idea to post it as I was eating it :)