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A Fresh Loaf Inspired Pet Project

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A Fresh Loaf Inspired Pet Project

I remember a few years ago when I discovered the Fresh Loaf. I was overwhelmed with the wealth of information and friendly comments and created an account immediately. For the most part I've been silently watching from the sidelines, jealous of anyone making the time to try new things and post their foods. Oh how it looked like so much fun!

Inspired by many of the challenges people have given themselves, I've decided to challenge myself as well. My New Years resolution, and first one ever, is to try a new recipe every single day for the whole year of 2008. So far I'm off to a wonderful and fun start. I plan on baking on the weekends as that will be the only time I really have available to do serious baking and, of course, I plan to use many wonderful recipes from this site! Ones I've always wanted to try. I've had great success with the bagel and pizza recipe, I can't wait to try more.

If anyone is interested in following me on my journey, I'm posting all of my progress at Any comments, critiques, suggestions, support or advice would be greatly appreciated. When I bake anything, I'll post that here too! I'm so glad to have a chance to do this. I hope I can do it!




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Great idea for you to work on throughout the year!  I wish you and your ambition good luck!