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A Sorta Porridge Sourdough

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A Sorta Porridge Sourdough

I've been having some really great results with the recipe, so I figure I would share it. I used 75% fresh milled flour and 25% Bread Flour

For 4 Loaves


  • Starter 60g - 40%
  • Rye Flour 75g - 50%
  • AP Flour 75g - 50%
  • Water 150g - 100%

Milled flour and sifted with a #40 mesh, about 90% extraction. 

Percentages are of the total weight ie. 2000g

  • Rye 300g - 15%
  • White Wheat 400g - 20%
  • Red Winter Wheat - 200g - 10%
  • Red Spring Wheat - 600g - 30%

I ended up with about 1350g of High Extracted Flour and 150g of Bran and Germ.

Autolyse - 1 Hour

  • Bread Flour 500g - 25%
  • Water 1400g - 70%

Porridge - boil until becomes thick, it was thick enough to stick to spoon, but you could still pour it out of the saucepan - let cool or put in fridge

  • Bran and Germ 150g 
  • Water 600g 

Mixing on low speed for 5 mins, and let sit for 10 mins

  • Levain 300g - 15%

Incorporate by hand then mix another 5 mins

  • Salt 50g - 2.5%
  • Porridge

Bulk 4 hours 


Final proof at 45F for 11 hours 


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Lazy Loafer

Looks beautiful and sounds delicious! Interesting idea - to cook the sifted bits instead of fermenting them in the starter. Have you tried it both ways? Is there a significant difference in the finished product?

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Well I didn't sift the levain, I normally just use Hodgson mill Rye for my starter and levain. The sifted bits go in after I developed some decent gluten, so it gets fermented during the bulk. 

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Lazy Loafer

It would certainly be difficult to sift the levain! No, what I meant was to use the sifted bits to build the levain, as some people do. That serves to soften and 'digest' the harder bran bits during the levain ferment.

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Oh I understand... that's an interesting idea, I don't tend to mill flour that far in advance, and I think boiling it softened it enough, but that seems interesting. I tend to prefer a levain with no more than half whole grains though. It's easier for me to control if I need to change my timing and I've found that a whole grain levain can turn to something pretty acidic and almost rancid smelling pretty fast. I normally will let the levain build for 4-8 hours depending on what I'm doing and the starter percentage. 

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I love the porridge with the sifted out bran idea --- but have to suggest that you might want to try toasting it first, and then adding the water and cooking it.  The added flavour from the toasting can be great.

Nice job, and thanks for sharing!

rthryhorysak's picture

Thanks, I've tried toasting first, but I didn't feel like I got much more flavor out of it. How dark are you toasting it? I normally would get to a slightly dark brown, and then take it out. Maybe I should go darker next time.

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 a bold bake, great crumb. yum!