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Milling sprouted wheat

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Milling sprouted wheat


I've recently started looking into sprouting my own wheat and milling it at home. I've read that you can dry the sprouted grains in the oven but some people say it gets too hot. Has anyone done this successfully? And if so any tips? Also I was thinking I would do larger batches and mill a bunch of flour at once. If say I stored this in a large bag in my deep freezer how long do you think it would be good for? I would hate to waste the flour and effort by letting it go bad.


Thank you

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D,  As you heat it, you kill the enzymes and if you overheat the sprouted grains, you will end up with nondiatastic malt powder   

When I dry them ,  I use a dehydrator, because you want to spread them out evenly.  I doubt your oven will go low enough, the site I posted to says stay at or below 110 F,  but another option is if you have convection that is just the fan, not heat, which I have on my oven, that will work.  You will want to place them on screens, or something else that will let the air flow around them.  If you stack them too deep, they will continue to sprout while the air is flowing over them, and that detracts from their use as flour.

I do a large batch and store it in the freezer.  I don't keep track of how long it is there, but I would think it would be fine for quite some time, and I use it up long before it would go bad.