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Lavash bread first try

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restless baker

Lavash bread first try

hey everyone , here we go again with an other first try of a different bread . it was my first attempt to to bake lavash bread at home . it was a good challenge . i made my dough with 50% white flour and 50% whole wheat flour  . the recipe was 50% dehydration with water and around 50 grams of yogurt . i guess the acidic environment of yogurt was a good thing for the yeast . i mix dry stuff then added all the wet ingredients and mixed for 5 or 6 min or so , i didn't wanted to knead it so much because it also had whole wheat flour in it and i didn't wanted bran to cut the gluten structure .  ok here are the pics ... 

the dough - resting for 45 min


after 45 min , doubled in size 

made 4 dough balls , i was on a rush so i didn't measure weigh of each ball ...

after 30 min resting the dough balls ,  they got doubled in size again and i used a dough roller to flatten the bread and put it on pot lid . the dough was kinda hard to shape to flat so i had to use more flour to role , so the shape didn't come like a circle . 

then cooked it on indirect heat , 

then i tried more direct heat and the result was far better and it cooked faster , almost instant  . i had to be more careful , not to burn it . 

next time i am gonna use the same recipe but i will cook it differently and i also will use something to make it like a circle .

please let me know what do you think ? and if you have any tips and tricks ? all suggestions are welcome ..


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Looks good. How'd it taste?

Is it important to shape it like a circle? Shouldn't it have a rough, rustic look?

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restless baker

taste was good as well , but i think if i would have baked it more , it would have been far better . well , i wanted it to look something that i could show to someone . you know something that looks good and taste good at same time . so next time i wanna make circle . for this bread the oven must be really hot . i am not sure about rustic but i guess it has to be baked good enough to have some color on . there are tons pictures online , some lavash pictures show that its so pale and without color and also big in size , my recipe is better because i am not using only white flour . if only i could get the looks right and cook it more , it will be good enough .