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Eclipse Bread

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Lazy Loafer

Eclipse Bread

Well, you know me - I can't resist a challenge! And thanks so much to @Mini Oven for issuing this one. I had more fun with this than I've had in a long time. :)

Here in Victoria (BC, Canada) we're not quite on the path of totality for the eclipse but will have the best view in Canada (about 90% totality). That's assuming clear skies, of course.

I started out thinking, as others have, of making two doughs, one dark and one light. So I went back to my flour test sourdough recipe, where I tested a variety of flours by using each as 25% of the total flour weight. This was the basis. The 'sun' dough is 25% corn flour, with added sunflower (well, duh!) and sesame seeds. The 'moon' dough is 25% teff flour. I wanted it a little darker so added a little bit of very dark toasted malt flour and a touch of Ghirardelli cocoa. Then just for fun I added currants and poppy seeds.

Oh, and just because I'm a total idiot, I decided to make not one, but nine loaves, in the same timeframe as prepping and baking all the bread for tomorrow's shop and market. And to advertise it for sale without ever having tested a loaf first. At least there are nine, so I can cut one (later when they cool) and make sure it's at least edible first). :)

I wanted to show the 90% eclipse, so placed the 'moon' on top of the 'sun'. That worked fairly well...

... except that they are both fairly soft doughs and the shape very quickly spread, placed as it was on parchment on a baking sheet. So, new solution (I'm making this up as I go along, right?) - put the whole construct in a parchment-lined basket. I didn't want to turn it out of the basket once risen, so I figured I could lift the whole thing out with the parchment once it was ready to bake.

And taa-daa! It worked! Here are eight of them loaded into pre-heated cast iron pots.

Just right! I did try to score the 'sun', but the dough was too soft.

I was a bit nervous for the first 30 minutes until I could take off the lids and see what had happened. Hmmmm, looks okay so far! Finish baking with the lid off, then turn them all out.

I'm glad the colours stayed nicely contrasting. Sometimes the bake darkens things to the point where the colour is lost. The loaves look a little bit like a snail devouring a rock, or maybe a bunch of baseball caps, but you get my drift, right? I'll cut one later and post the results (crumb and taste).

And there you have it - Eclipse 2017 Bread! Oh, and here are a couple of the other breads I baked today for sale tomorrow - Oat, Walnut and Seed Levain and an Orange Coriander 100% rye sourdough.

Edited - here's the crumb shot! Texture is a nice moist, chewy sourdough, and the taste is good. Slight salted chocolate taste on the 'dark side'. :)

Nice sun spots and moon craters!


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I love the idea of using the darker teff dough as a "moon cap" over the sunny yellow corn dough.  That turned out looking perfect (although it may perpetuate the myth that while the moon is made of cheese, its shadow is made of chocolate).  I am totally envious of your ability to get both types of dough ready and fermented and proofed all at the same time - especially for 9(?!!) loaves.

(Ok - definitely giggling at your fun audacity at just baking that many off for a first go)

While your other loaves look grand and no doubt will sell immediately, the Eclipse is definitely going to be the "star" (moon? sun?) of the market!

What an awesome happy bake!

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Lazy Loafer

Thanks Laurie. I'm a tiny bit nervous, waiting for it to cool enough to cut and taste. But I will dutifully report back, regardless.

The number of loaves was a silly mistake itself. I meant to bake four but didn't clue in that that meant two of each of the doughs. Duh. Oh well, if it's good then it should sell (I hope!).

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Mini Oven

to taste with you although they look so good the curiosity factor will sell them like hot cakes!  I'm glad you made so many! Man o' man the moon, you've been busy!    

Good luck "mooning" the market!   :)   

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Lazy Loafer

That's another reason why I made the extra loaf - so I could show people the inside and let them have a taste!

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Very clever!

We were considering heading down to Oregon to catch the totality -- even had hotel reservations -- but the prospect of all that time in the car the next few days was too much for us. So instead we're catching a ferry out to Nanaimo and camping for a few nights. Should be much more relaxing.

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Lazy Loafer

I think you're right about that! And if you're in a nice out of the way place you'll probably get some nice star viewing in as well. We used to love the night sky when we were out sailing around the Gulf Islands without any other lights around. Beautiful!

Good luck with the ferries. :)

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Great innovative bake!  I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks.  I hope your customers enjoy them as much as we do!

Happy Ellipse and Baking!

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It's a beautiful loaf and, most likely, good tasting, too. I made a second batch for sale, too (great minds....)

Happy Baking,