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my first pass at cibatta

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the hadster

my first pass at cibatta

I did not use the quick recipe so highly recommended on this site.  I bake in the mornings - have to share an oven - and I needed a recipe/method that work work for me.

I found one that had nearly identical ingredients and proportions, but that involved an over night biga.  This was the first bread recipe that I wasn't convinced would demolish my mixer or kitchen.

I need to work on my dough handling to get a more open crumb, but taken as a whole, I count this as a successful experiment.

And yes, there is strange dark thing on the cut loaf.  I'm at the cottage, and it's another rainy day in a summer of rainy days.  Pine needles are every where.  We have 3 dogs, and none of them seem to remember to wipe their feet or brush the pine needles off their coats before they come in.  We've asked them to, of course, but so far our requests have fallen on deaf ears.  I didn't notice the strange thing until I looked at the pictures, by which time I had eaten that cut piece of cibatta....