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My first loaf with my starter AND a crumb shot

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the hadster

My first loaf with my starter AND a crumb shot

Below is the crumb shot.  I am working on my own flour blend.  Fortunately, my sister is with me at the cottage, and she has a sensitive palette.  And she loves bread.

This is a mixture of bread flour, whole wheat flour, sprouted buckwheat flour, and whole dark rye flour at 72% hydration. I made an error with the percentages of the different flours because I'm challenged with math, so I aways work with 1000 grams of my base flour (white bread flour), I can duplicate.

It tasted wonderful.




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Obviously your starter is working wonderfully, and you have the lovely crust and crumb to prove it!

You might find that posting all of your bakes as blogs instead of separate forum posts is a handy on-line reference for you to go back to, with the pics and maybe some of your reaction and background notes that you don't keep in your regular notebook (such as being at the cottage and dealing with "gifts" from the dogs).  Those kind of details can sometimes be the difference between one great and one not-quite-so-great bake, and it is much easier to refer back when they are all in your blog list.

Regardless of how you choose to do so, please do keep sharing though - your tips and inspiration and results.

Keep baking happy!

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the hadster

Thank you for your suggestion, and it is a good one.

I have some SR getting ready to bake as I type.  I will begin today with my cataloging.

Thanks again!