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where to buy local wheat berries

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sourdough noob

where to buy local wheat berries

Hi all, 

Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can buy local wheat berries in the Hamilton, ontario area?

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an older thread had some suggestions:

There is always the option of ordering online from:

Also, just check out your local farmer's markets, and talk to some of the bakers there - the odds are that they can lead you to a good local source. 

Here in Calgary I get mine mostly from Community Natural Foods, which is the local hippie-dippie all natural, all organic type store.  They are local only, but I'm sure that there are a number of different versions of it in your area.

Good luck!

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If you're still looking - I'm planning a field trip to Grain Process Enterprises some time soon - and if I need to purchase 10kg bags, I may need to split with someone!

I'm looking for hard white wheat in particular, I contacted Arva Mills, but I don't think they sell hard white wheat, I might go visit there anyways, as it's less than an hour from me.

I also found hard white wheat at - I think they are mentioned in the linked forum discussion.

I am very close to Oak Manor, but can find their products in various places.