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ducasse education french bakery and pastry program

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ducasse education french bakery and pastry program

hey guys , 

there is this institution in France called ,  ducasse education , here is the link 

and i want to apply for the bakery course in that place , but i have some concerns , so i thought maybe first i could discuss this with all you guys and get your feedback's on this matter first . 

here is the course info 

first of i wanna how good this institution is ? and if this course is advanced enough , because it seems to be so expensive and long , 3 years is a long time . i also have to pay for renting a place . so by the end of the 3 years i will go back to square one with no money  . 

i wanna know if it worth it or not . i wanna continue baking and make it my carrier and later on in future work as professional baker in different places . above all i must say that , there are places that i could learn a lot of baking and a lot of pastry here in my own country and so much cheaper . please guide me its so hard for me to decide . thank you guys .