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Pane Bianco

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Pane Bianco

A KAF recipe, I've long wanted to make Pane Bianco, and today was the day. I followed the published recipe, except for substituting about 25% WW and the remainder AP for the BF that is called for. The dough was lovely and easily manageable, fillings included minced garlic, sundried tomato, fresh basil, and cheeses, mozzarella and parmesan. The top of the rolled loaf is to be cut along the axis, then the loaf curved into a tight "S". I shaped first and cut second, so am not sure if the layers may have been more crisp and spread better by the original recipe. Either way, it smells great.

I hope you all are enjoying and baking!



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Looks fabulous Cathy.  I'm sure it will taste great as well!

i can smell the garlic and cheese from here :).

Happy Baking!

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Although I bet it is delicious on its own too!

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loaf --- and fun, too!

I'd never heard of this one, so thank you very much for introducing it to me with such a grand example.  It is certainly tempting my taste buds...