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Trying new things

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Trying new things

First off I must admit something.  A little while back JMonkey asked me if I still had any of my old starters going, and I told him no, they had all been ditched.  Well, come to find out, that was not entirely true.  Lurking in the way back portions of the lower fridge a Cambro container of starter was found.  So off to the internet to see what month it was when I started it.  It appears to be from back in May.  Its a little grey (well maybe more than a little) , but its still sealed nicely.  Its got a bunch of hooch on top, so I go to my Crust and Crumb book to try to find out if Reinhart has an opinion on this.  He says hes had 'em work after 6 months in the fridge.  So I'm at about 7 so what they heck.  I stir it up.  Measure out 100grams, mix in another 200g. of water and 200g. ww flour.  And put it out on the counter for the night.  Sure enough this morning I have a revived starter.  I split it off into a white, a ww, and a rye.  And here they are back from a nice little 7 month slumber and perky in just a day and a half.

As for baking this weekend, my pumpernickel fom Bernard Clayton was a flop.  My Boules of french bread came out fine.  But my newest attempt, a healthier bagel (if there is such a thing).

These bagels were made from a sponge made with KA Sir Lanelot flour, but the final build flour was just a combination of Whole Wheat and Rye.

Its not a white bagel, but I started feeling a little guilty from eating so many white bagels over the last couple weeks.  I figure two or three of these and I should be good to go back to my white bagels right? ;-)



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 I fed them again, bumping up their feeding to 1:4:4. 

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Your bagels look fabulous.  As someone else mentioned regarding sugar, after all the holiday eating, whole grains look especially tempting.