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Hazelnut & Date Sourdough at 90% Hydration

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Hazelnut & Date Sourdough at 90% Hydration

This was a super tasty bread! When dusting my countertop before shaping, I used a mix of cocoa powder and wholewheat flour. 

500g Bread flour

200g Spelt flour

100g Rye

700g Water

100g rye starter at 100% hydration

18g Salt

200g Hazelnuts

100g Chopped dates



I got almost no oven spring on this one, which I've noticed happens when I don't do as many stretch and folds and skip retarding the dough overnight.

Crumb is really soft and chewy. This bread tastes amazing, probably my new favorite.

I mixed walnuts and cranberries into the other half of the dough

Happy baking!


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Thanks for sharing this delightful loaf.

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you wanted but you got a wonderful open crumb! It must be delicious!

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you are gradually working upwards in hydration - and getting wonderful results!  I'm glad that you got your scale back, and are back to baking comfortably again, so that you can keep sharing these great bakes with us.

Super job!

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Having all those tastes in this baby makes it like a dream! all I need is a full cup of milk and I'm full and satisfied. Thank you for sharing