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Variety of Baklava and more!

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Variety of Baklava and more!

My mom made some fillo dough yesterday and gave me some to play around with:

The first picture is of traditional nut baklava. I made a paste of walnuts and orange blossom water. 

The second picture is sometimes called birds nest baklava, and the fillo is cooked first, covered in syrup, and then filled in the center with either whole nuts or powdered nuts.

My mother and I have been baking up a storm this week! Here are some examples of what we've been making:

snowball cookies made with toasted almonds and rose water, cookies (similar to shortbread but finer) stuck together with homemade apricot jam and dipped in ground pistachio, a special middle eastern cookie called Ghorayeba which is a very creamy rich cookie, short bread cookie with chocolate and pecan, short bread filled with homemade apricot jam, and so on. We made about fifty of these platters so far and will be gifting them to neighbors and friends.


Happy baking!



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These look fantastic ! I am a total sucker for baklava etc especially Lebanese pastries - one day I swear I plan to try kenaffeh, ashta and ataef at home ! Wow I want to take your kitchen :)

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They all look amazing!  Thanks for sharing.


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I honestly don't know whether to be glad that you are not a neighbour (these are so irresistible I'd put on a ton of weight) or to ask for your address so that I can move in next door...

Beautiful, beautiful work by both you and your Mom.  Thanks for sharing!

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You and your mother did a spectacular job on this pastries.

Any chance of you sharing your recipes?


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the hadster

My brother's wife is from Greece.  Two years ago, she gave me her family's recipe for spanakopita, including home made phyllo dough for the pie - but it's not delicate enough for baklava.

So, if you're giving out recipes...

Great looking platters!