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Expiration Loaf

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Expiration Loaf

Was woken by a skunk marking her territory outside my open bedroom window early this morning, which put me in a foul mood. Stumbled into the kitchen where I gathered together all the past-dated ingredients remaining in my pantry to make this rotten banana bread. Think the egg carton read DEC 29; walnuts expired in May and the flours, butter, chocholate, sugars, raisins and leavening were all years old. 

Needless to say everything blended together most harmoniously — the loaves taste just awful. Can't wait to fob one off on my downstairs tenants, muh wah ha ha.

And I'll sure as hell save a slice for that skunk.




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Mini Oven

on Star Trek?  Ate up the big blond lady.  :)  

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Lechem (not verified)

...the ingredients or to whoever eats it?

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Sounds like both, ha ha. We used to get a couple of cats that would mark right outside our screen door. I'm allergic to them. I was so mad (and stuffed up) that I went to the pet store and someone pointed me to "Dumb Cat". I think I bought it for the name, but it got rid of the marking and smell and cats seem to hate the smell. Win-Win! Maybe there is something called "Dumb Skunk?" ha ha ha!