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Pumpernickel--kind of

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Pumpernickel--kind of

I am trying to replicate a loaf of pumpernickel bread i purchased from Whole Foods. I moved and can't get it any longer. It is not like a traditional heavy pumpernickel--is very dark, almost black, but not grainy or heavy, more like a regular white yeast bread EXCEPT the most important part is that it is extremely moist, particularly towards the bottom crust, and chewy. Not chewy like a baguette, but chewy like almost steamed (except i asked them and they don't steam it). It also has a very rich dense flavor, but not really very heavy on rye flavor. It is not a sourdough. I've tried various rye recipes but am not getting the moist chewy texture or the really rich flavor. I am not an expert bread baker at all. Any suggestions much appreciated.  

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Lazy Loafer

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