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Do Dough Mixer Machines Knead As Well as Mix?

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Do Dough Mixer Machines Knead As Well as Mix?


 We have this new - first we've ever had - dough mixer.  Lovely.

 It'd be nice if it did the kneading, too.  Do they?

 I've  learned recently that all bread dough recipes are scalable.

I suppose that means the bread making recipe is scalable, too.

i.e.  the same number of kneadings, same proof times, etc...

Well some recipes require two or even three kneadings.  When making a large ( to us ) mix the kneading is quite  onerous..


 Edit:  Sorry.   Silly question.  I came here first before asking the internet generally.   Did that and  got immediate hits... sure can knead with the mixer.  No problem.

I don't see a 'delete' or I'd delete the question.