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Sesame Poppy Crusted Wholewheat Loaf

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Sesame Poppy Crusted Wholewheat Loaf

This is a 50% wholewheat loaf at 83% hydration!

I rolled the final dough after shaping into a bowl of sesame and poppy seeds so the loaf has a uniform crust all over.

226g bread flour

210g wholewheat flour

355g water

55g wholewheat starter at around 100% hydration

9g salt 


Mix all the ingredients minus the salt and starter in a bowl until all the flour is dry. Leave to hydrate for a few hours. Sometimes I let autolyse overnight in the fridge.

Fold in the starter and salt. Proceed with about 6 stretch and folds over the course of 5 hours. I only did 3 with this loaf so the oven spring wasn't as high as I would've liked, but the crumb is still nice. 

After S&F are done, shape tightly and then roll the entire ball into the seeds. Place seamside up in a proofing bowl and proof overnight in the fridge then take out the next day and let proof on the counter for about 2-4 hours. Bake at 450F for 20 with dutch oven lid on and another 20 with it off. 

PS a good tip for sticking the seeds on is rolling the dough in a damp towel to get the surface a little tacky. I didn't have a clean tea towel on hand so I wet my hands and rubbed them over the surface of the ball of dough, then took a paper towel and gently dabbed at it to remove the excess moisture and achieve that tacky surface. The generous coating of seeds completely coated the dough so I didn't need to line my proofing bowl (in my case, a metal mixing bowl) with flour to keep it from sticking to the sides.

Process pics

The next day:

After 20 minutes with steam: (ps I don't have a sharp razor so my scoring is pretty depressing)

20 minutes uncovered

I was gifting this loaf so I couldn't cut into it but I've made this recipe often and this is a worst case scenario of the crumb:



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Time to change the name.. you can't be sad with that banjo and uke! Do you serinade the dough while proofing? :) Seriously - your bread looks great - boldly baked! Enjoy...

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Hahah I guess i do serenade the dough! I practice playing most of the day and cause I usually don't feel like putting my instrument down (breaks my focus and I am lazy) and getting up to do a stretch+fold on the dough and then coming back, I keep the bowl next to me along with a pair of gloves so I can tend to the dough whenever. 

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Really lovely.  Well done.

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Very pretty and tasty from all the seeds.

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the crumb s outstanding.  If it tastes half as good as it looks you have a real winner with all of the tasty seeds on top.  Well done and Happy baking

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Lazy Loafer

Mmmmmm, note to self - must do a seed-crusted loaf one day! That looks soooooo good. Great crumb too, with all that whole grain flour.

Hmm, I'm making Tartine Porridge bread today with rye flakes. And I have on hand a blend of seeds (I think it's poppy, sesame, cumin, fennel and caraway) that might be very nice on the crust. I don't think I have enough for a batch of four loaves but maybe just sprinkled on top, or maybe supplemented with some extra sesame seeds. Hmmmm.....

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Love the crust on your loaf. I am sure that the recipient will be thrilled!

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Very nice bake.  Crumb looks great.