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Elektro Dahlen Deck oven.

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Mr Meowski

Elektro Dahlen Deck oven.

I've just purchased this oven and I am quickly finding out that good information for this deck oven is hard to come by. 

in the left hand side of the deck there is a damper and then threaded stainless steel tubes that are capped. I was hopeful this is for some sort of steam injection install But have no idea. 

Also, on the right side each deck has three knobs and a thermosta. Don't really understand the proper usuage of the knobs. Perhaps it is to control the  weather the heat comes from below the deck or below. . 

Any help woul be greatly appreciated. 

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I recall EleKtro Dahlen deck ovens being the favourite choice of my family's bakery here in the UK in the '70s and 80's, along with a rack oven.  I have no experience myself but my brother, who worked with these, recalls the following. "The model in the picture is different to ours but ours did have a number of separate temperature controls per deck - top, bottom and front, controlled overall by a thermostat.  Ours had a steam injection system but I can’t recall where, probably at the back.  The company was renamed to Sveba Dahlen if that helps track more information."

I hope that helps.

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Mr Meowski

Thanks for helping me out. 

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Hi. I just now discovered this site and read your post. Do you still need help with this oven?

The threaded, capped inlets are for steam injection, as you thought. My understanding is that it is relatively simple for a plumber to install steam injection by mounting a small boiler on the top of the oven, running pipe from the boiler to the ports, and installing valves with which you control the steam injection.

I hope this helps.