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1st try on "36 Hour Toasted Porridge Spelt Bread"

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1st try on "36 Hour Toasted Porridge Spelt Bread"

Hi all!

I saw this Bread from Ian "isand66" and could not resist to bake it!


The loaf (Ian's design is better ;-))


The crumb ...


... in detail.

I scaled down the formula to 500 g total flour and so all ingredients. Made on my baking steel in convection mode.

It is a great bread, beautifull flavor, nice crust!

Thank you, Ian!





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Great job!  So glad you had a chance to try it.  Looks like you got a nice moist crumb.



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Hello Ian,

thank you!

Yes, the crumb is wonderfull nice moist.

This morning I had 3/8" slices good toasted, crust very dark, crumb nice brown, warm, with melting fresh butter and seasalt direct from the mill - heaven! With thin slices of smoked ham on top (butter below!) 7th-heaven! ;-))

I think, there is a special fine flavor comming from the Barley!

Kind regards,


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Ian does put together some seriously tempting flavour combinations, and makes them look soooo easy....

I've tried, too, and know that it's not nearly so easy as he makes it look, but from the shots here it looks like you just nailed it!  Well done, and keep baking happy!

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Thank you, IceD

Yes, you're right! There are (minimum) tree things to "naile" such a "baroque recipe" (as named it):

the excellent formula (Ian's!), an exact "mise en place" (my wife told me, she is a prof-chef) and a little bit experience. And a great portion of luck! ;-)

happy baking!