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Bagels and Cinn./Cranberry bread...

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Bagels and Cinn./Cranberry bread...

Here are some photos of this weekends bake.

I started off with a sponge being made on Friday night for the cranberry bread.  I used a recipe for Pain Rustique bread with modifications made to it for my purposes.  On Saturday I mixed up the the final dough and let it set while I made a couple bagel sponges


Mixed up Cranberry bread dough.


Dough and bagel sponges


Bagel balls


Finished cranberry bread



Now the top bagel is one of a batch that I let set in the fridge for 8 hours after shaping.  The Sea Salt bagel on the bottom is from a batch I boiled and baked 20 minutes after shaping.  You can see how the seams go away after setting in the fridge.  Also the color difference in the Sea Salt one is due to an egg wash being put on the bagel with salt.  I have found this works the best for me so I dont have the salt absorbed into the bagel during baking.  The plain bagels have no egg wash.

I dont mind the seams too much, especially when I am out of fresh bagels...

Here is the photo of the pickled garlic, from Saturdays pickling fiasco..




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I was wondering how to get rid of those seams, all my bagels were like that...

ps-those look delicious, so does that cranberry bread. You should try it with toasted walnuts in there too, it's really good. 


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I have shaped bagels using the thumb hole poke, and the roll it out and wrap it around the hand way.  I like the wrap around the hand way for a smooth edged bagel, but the seams would almost always show after boiling.  But the first time I covered them and placed them in the fridge for the day, they came out of the fridge with not a seam visable. 

The walnut idea sounds good too, thanks for the input.


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Those look really good (all of them).

Yeah, the thumb hole poke through the middle prevents a seam.

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 I'm always so reluctant to refrigerate dough, but that's a perfect-looking bagel, TT. My son is really after me to make some, thanks for coming back and inspiring me.

Mmm, pickled garlic! Hope it turns out as good as it looks.

Did you like the cranberry bread? Looks beautiful. 


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As to the seam issue, I started with the thumb hole poke way for the first 30 or so batches in the beginning, when I was learning to make bagels.  But my bagels were kind of ugly looking, kinda bumpy.  They tasted good, but I wanted something a little prettier.  So I started using the wrap around the hand method, which got smoother sides, but a seam.  Now up till this point I would usually let my bagels set 20 minutes after shaping and then right into the boil.  On one occasion I had to refridgerate my bagels because it had just got to be too late at night to start boiling.  So in the fridge they went, and when they came out....No seams.  As the bagels sat in the fridge overnight under the plastic wrap, the seams had all fused together.  So no seams.  So the plain bagel in the photo above is of a batch that sat in the fridge for the day, the salt bagel photo is one that was boiled only 20 minutes after shaping.

As for the Cranberry bread, it was awesome... I know there is probly a bunch of recipes for this type of bread, but I like to experiment.  So all I did was take the sponge I had made the night before for a Pain Rustique, and used the final dough ingredients from same recipe, but added the Cinn./Sugar ingredients from my bagel recipe, and put in a bunch of cranberries.  Three quarters the way through the bake, I felt the outer skin was a little too pale, so I melted a couple tbls. of butter in the microwave, and poured over each loaf.  Then finished the bake.  The bread was excellent.  Not real heavy like a banana bread.  Because it still just had the basics (flour,yeast,salt,water) with added cinn.,sugar,cranberry.  But the outer skin was nice and golden from the butter, the inside moist, with a nice crumb, wonderful swirls of color.  And with cream cheese spread over a slice, it was superb.  I made two loaves from my batch.  The first loaf was gone in less than 30 minutes at my shop the following morning between two other fellows and myself.  The second loaf stayed at my house, and lasted only until last night.

I'll do it again for sure.

Thanks again,