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Blue Pony Birthday Cake

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Blue Pony Birthday Cake

Time for my, post, right? (We let Floyd do the bread baking around here.)

Today our daughter turned three and for her birthday she requested a blue pony on her cake.

Here is the cake she got, prior to the three candles being added to the floating clouds.


Lots of fun! And we had a great dinner tonight too - but I bet Floyd will blog about that.



Susan's picture

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for sharing your birthday party with us.

Susan from San Diego

JMonkey's picture

Dorota! Great looking cake! And lovely photos -- Aurora also wanted me to say hi and send along her admiration for the cake and pony.

dstroy's picture

hee! Say hello to Aurora for me!

AnnieT's picture

dstroy, what a beautiful blue pony! I have a grandaughter who would LOVE one just like that - if you are available next February 25? Love the garland on the birhday girl's chair too. Floyd's soup didn't look too shabby either, A.

dstroy's picture

Feb 25 I'll be making her big brother's cake - as his birthday is the next day!

The garland idea was one my grandmother insisted on - saying that in Poland they always decorate the chair of whoever has a birthday with flowers. I'd not heard of this one when we were kids, but was happy enough to adopt the tradition for our kids :) We have to get creative with both kids having winter birthdays, but this year I spotted the leis at a party store and inspiration struck :)

tattooedtonka's picture

Great cake dstroy, cakes made from loved ones are the best kinds..

Have a great day,


KipperCat's picture

The pony is adorable! (as are the kids)  :~)