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Hello to the gang...

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Hello to the gang...

After a lonnnnggg summer of gardening, working on the house, and work in general. I am back, and I am glad to see alot of the old gang still here.  JMonkey, ehanner, browndog, AnnieT, bluezebra, bwraith, and the rest...HELLO... Nice to see you still around. And of course hello Floyd, nice to see some of the neat tweaks to the webpage.  To everyone I have missed out on meeting, hello, I look forward to talking bread with you.  Hope everyone had a great summer...... Its nice to be back.


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Welcome back, tattooedtonka!

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Some of us have wondered where you disappeared to. So glad to have you back. Happy Baking.                                                                     weavershouse

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My summer got way out of hand.  I think I took on a tad too much at once.  I had a very productive garden this year to keep up with.  Of course my job, kids, and then I gutted and rebuilt some of my house from scratch.  I had to hurry before snow fell.  So now that the majority of my house is back together.  I can settle in for winter and go back to heavy duty baking.  It took a couple batches to get my bagels back to where they were when I stopped baking them, but my breads were right on (no door stops).... ha,ha.......Thanks again, nice to hear from you.


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I was beginning to think you were in the witness protection program! So glad to see your familiar signature. We have been plodding along without you but look forward to hearing about your baking exploits, A.

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tatooedtonka, I had decided I'd scared you off by inviting you to tea..!

Well, you've made my day. My fingers were crossed that the winter winds would blow you back this way. A thousand times welcome, and I can not wait to see what you're cooking up to share. (Plus we finally have DSL, so I'm ready for you.)


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How's Miracle Max holding up? And the rest of the starter gang? Great to see you back! I'm sorry to say, I ended up ditching all the starters I created. I've still got Rhonda Rye and Arthur the Whole Wheat Starter, though I did add a white starter, Carl, from leemid at the Oregon meet-up. I'd been wanting to try the Oregon Trail starter from Carl for a long time -- it's pretty awesome. So I've got it going as well.

Glad to see you back!

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Thanks Annie glad to be back, I missed ya'll...

Browndog, Im not scared of you or your tea....Oh goody you got dsl..Now I can really load up on the photos.....................Nice to see ya

JMonkey, sorry to say none of the gang survived my summer. They got to a level of seperation where they looked extremely menacing.  Even my dogs ran when they came out of the fridge.  No children or animals were harmed in the disposing of said starters though.

Thanks again all for the welcome back...