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My favorite bread feed item in a long time

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My favorite bread feed item in a long time


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Hard to tell what type of bread it was from the video though: artisan bread which although sliced was still dense enough to give the fox a thump? Or commercial white bread that had already staled into a hard lump by the time he got it home from the store? Either way it is a good thing he was prepared with a loaf.


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Mmm... yeah, I'm inclined to think it is non-artisan bread. Something relatively cheap. Nevertheless, it did the job.

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Yeah, but if that fox had come back for a second helping, that guy would have been out of luck. For this reason, I always carry around a dense rye batard -- those German loaves can stand up to the kind of punishment a rabid animal can dish out. Good for multiple whackings.

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When I was probably 4 years old, my twin and I were playing outside, when a rabid dog went through the neighborhood. We never saw the dog, but the authorites said it would be best if we got rabies shots anyway.  The dog was tested, prooved negative for rabies, but the authorities pushed forward on the rabies shots anyway 'for good measure'.  I can remember that ordeal to this day.  I remember a needle probably 12 inches long going all the way into my stomach area, the stinging pain, for what seemed like every day for 1 month.   Not much else I remembered from 4 years of age, but I do remember that. 


   I'm suprised the person that got bit in the video didn't require shots.