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Bread flour

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Bread flour

Around where I live, King Arthur bread flour is usually over $5 for a 5 lb bag.  It rarely goes on sale.  However, it seems that if I check all of the various supermarket chains, King Arthur AP flour is always on sale somewhere, often for only $2 for a 5 lb bag.  So I was just curious.

Does AP flour + vital wheat gluten = bread flour ?

Or is it more complicated than that?

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I pretty much gave up on bread flour several months ago as I noticed virtually no difference in quality between King Arthur AP and their bread flour.  I bake both sour dough and yeast breads using only AP flour and the rise and stability are just fine.  Certainly one can play around with adding wheat gluten if one believes it necessary but my experience is that it is not.  I only have three flours in my stock, King Arthur AP and whole wheat and Bob's Red Mill Rye.

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VWG isn't 100% gluten. It's more like 70-80%; the package should have an exact figure.

Also, APs and BFs can have different gluten %s. So for example, if your AP is 11% and you want to add gluten so you end up with 15%, the math is different from if you start with another AP that has 12% and your target is 14%.