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Spelt, hemp seed flour and sesame

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Spelt, hemp seed flour and sesame

Some time ago I bought about 250g of hemp seed flour and today I made the first attempt to use it. Recipe was simple: 20% wholegrain spelt flour, 9% hemp seed flour, rest was AP flour, hydration 70%, 8% of  starter @100% hydration, 5% white sesame seeds, 2% salt (all bakers percents).

The dough was quite of a dark color due to added hemp seed flour. 3 hour BF, divide & shape with 30 minutes bench rest and then 3 hours proofing on the bench and then retarded for 7 hours before going straight into the the oven.


The color of the crust is pretty dark although I was not baking longer than 40 minutes. The crumb is soft and fluffy with a special taste of hemp seed flour which goes perfectly together with sesame flavor. 

At the beginning I was quite sceptic about the result because the final proof was so slow. The oven spring was not so great as usual, but the crumb is quite open and more ore less pretty even.

Happy baking, Joze



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Hi, i like very much the structure of the crumb and i like also your recipe.

How are taste and flavor?



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The taste and flavor are great, something special because of hemp seed flour, but actually very tasty, different from all my other breads. I was really nicely surprised and this kind of bread will definitely be on my list of most frequently baked breads. I will experiment with the percentages of different flours, but this one was really great.

Happy baking golia!


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But the crumb looks very good indeed! This has gotta be a tasty bread with those seeds. A bread right up my street. Lovely. 

Enjoy! Joze. 

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The crumb turned out very good despite my expectations. I was really surprised because the dough needed twice as much time as normal while final proof. The temperature was even higher than what I have normal. This is the first time I experienced so big fluctuation in required time. Actually the dough rose better in the fridge after being retarded for 8 hours then when it was proofing on room temp.


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Looks beautiful, well done Joze!

Some of my loaves that have had little oven spring have ended up with the best crumb.Note sure how that happens! LOL!

Must have been tasty, I love sesame seed so this is a win in my book.

Happy baking

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I was really lucky to add sesame because it added that special kind of aroma which goes perfectly together with hemp seeds flour. The quantity of sesame was quite low but just enough to raise the overall flavor of the bread. I wanted that the bread will have the main flavor of hemp seeds and sesame was added just to bring this flavor to a new level.

Happy baking Ru!


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They add moisture and flavor. I never thought of trying hemp flour. I should try milling some seeds and using that. 

By the way, your crumb looks awesome! I love your bread!

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Danni, I was actually inspired by your recent post but what I had at home was the hemp seed flour which is quite oily. I wasn't sure how much of this flour I can add so was little bit more conservative and it payed off. After tasting the bread more hemp would probably ruin the balance.

Just a caveat about milling seeds: they contain lot of oil so if you have a stone mill it may just cause a lot of problems. One idea would be that you mill that together with wheat grains - so prepare a mixture of the grains and seeds and then mill it. This is probably the same problem if you try to mill oats or amaranth.

Happy baking Danni!


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a very expensive proposition.  They are 32 times more expensive per pound than grocery store AP flour and the AP flour is already milled!  I also like them in smaller amounts in bread.  Too much and they overpower the other flavors.  It reminds me if too much caraway in rye.   So I am lucky in not liking it so much:-)  The crumb of this bread looks grand for sure.  Well done and happy baking in the new year !